About Us

Standard Stystem Engineering is an italian leading company in the Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Industrial Systems, Integrated Security and Building Automation and is on track to assert its presence abroad.

The services provided by the company are: design, implementation and integration of Electrical Industrial Systems,
Mechanical System, Intrusion Detection System, Fire Fighting System, Video Surveillance, Technological Controls and Remote Management with the best customization, operative flexibility and management.
The company employs Highly Qualified Personnel in all the fields in which it operates, particularly in the Electrical and Instrumental System of Refineries and Petrochemical Plants (even ADPE‐ATEX) and also CCTV, Security and Anti‐Terrorism systems.

The General Manager and the Administrative , Technical and Commercial managers are personnels with many years of experience and are well‐known nationally and internationally by first‐class customers.

The STANDARD SYSTEM ENGINEERING S.r.l. headquarters are in Rome but it operates in the whole national territory